WCG Project Folder Reorganization

Due to some limitations with Google Shared Drives we need to break up project folders into year based folders. We want to minimize the impact this will have and so are asking for you to identify projects that you DO NOT WANT MOVED due to it being actively worked on now. The rest of the project folders will be moved from \Projects to folders like 2019 Projects and 2019 Projects Archived or 2020 Projects and 2020 Projects Archived and so on.

Project folders will be moved this week 06/06/2022!

  1. Decide which project folder should NOT be moved.
  2. Enter the COMPLETE name of the project folder
  3. Enter the Project Manager or person repsonible for the project
  4. Click the grey + icon to add more rows
  5. Submit

If you have any questions contact Mike

Thank you!

Projects that should NOT be moved
Project Number
Project PM
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